Q: How much does it cost?
A: There are no sign up costs and no costs to view our Dolls Profile, the only time you pay is when you book a date.


Q: What is the hourly charge for renting a Doll?
A: All our companions set their own hourly rate. Some of them charge as little as $120 an half-hour and up to $200 hr. We can negotiate an all inclusive price on your behalf depending on the details. (Usually no more then $150hh to $220hr.)


Q: What is the minimum booking time?
A: The minimum is half- hours per booking. This allows enough time to get to know your chosen Doll and build a good rapport.


Q: How do I pay for my chosen friend?
A: You should pay your selected friend in cash at the start of the date.


Q: Am I expected to cover all costs during the date?
A: Yes, you should pay for all costs during the date such as food, drinks etc. You do not have to pay for your chosen Dolls travel expenses to and from the date.


Q: Where should I arrange to meet my chosen Doll?
A: It is up to you where you would like to meet, we would suggest meeting in a public place such as a bar, restaurant, private home, or upscale hotel.


Q: Can I speak to my chosen Doll before the date?
A: Yes, once you have confirmed the booking, we will send you contact details.


Q: Do your Doll offer any sexual services?
A: No, our Friends offer companionship only, they do not offer any sexual services so please do not contact them asking for these types of services. If you contact us asking for for any type of sexual services we will not respond to your request.

Still have questions? Get in touch using the contact in the bottom right of the site and we’ll be happy to help.